All we need is…. feedback

How interesting or fun is it to communicate to someone without getting any feedback?

In any kind of communication one of the most important things we need
is feedback. Feedback is one of the cornerstones to understand that the
audience has recieved and understood the information. In any business
or organisation, feedback and engagement is essential. The better
feedback you get, the more knowledge and guidance you get to make better
decisions. It can be feedback from employees, management, stakeholders,
customers etc.

Getting employees to engage and give feedback in a timely manner is a
big challenge concidering the flood of information most of us are
living in. Therefore it’s important to use the right communication
channel depending on what kind of feedback that’s needed.

Current workforce puts a lot of time communicating thru various
channels, such as e-mail, phone, intranet, collaboration tools, social
media, texting, instant messaging etc. In many situations we spend
unnecessary time, energy and recources to reach our goal. I don’t
believe there is one single channel to use for everything. It’s more a
matter of what we need to accomplish to decide what channel to use for a
specific task or situation.

It’s really hard to break thru in the noise of information flowing
around. E-mails with many cc’s and replies can be really annoying, and
content is sometimes so poorly written that the audience doesn’t see the
importance of giving feedback. The result is that our people miss or
ignore recieved information.

So how can we make communication and feedback easier and smarter? And
how can we track, measure and follow up more efficiantly? Theese are
some of the questions we are working with when developing Infoping.

Feedback is the essential and most important part of Infoping. We help our customers to track, measure and get better feedback when communicating with their people. And in the end Infoping
saves time for everyone. Our goal is to tear down any technical
obsticles or threshold and make it so easy to engage and give feedback
that there should be no excuse.

“It’s all about feedback”

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By Nicke Holgersson, Co founder