It’s all about feedback

After two intense days at SLUSH in Helsinki I’m back at my computer reflecting about what really happened. SLUSH is one of the largest events in the world connecting tech startups, entrepreneurs, investors and IT companies. Over 17000 individuals that are networking, listening to great speakers, pitching, doing demos and discussing. It creates an awesome and intense atmosphere. To see all these entrepreneurs and startups sharing their ideas and discuss with others is very inspiring.

At an event like SLUSH, all that the startups wants is feedback (except funding from investors). They want feedback that they are doing something really great and interesting, but also listen to feedback that can help them do things even better and evolve.

As in any communication and relation with others, one of the most important things we need is feedback. It’s not a coincidence that social media has become so big and important since that is one of the fastest way to get lot of feedback and recognition.

Feedback is one of the cornerstones in all communications, and without feedback the communication would be dead and boring.

In a business or any organisation (group of people), feedback is essential for making good decisions. It can be feedback from customers, employees, management, stakeholders, your friends etc. The better feedback you get the more knowledge you have about how good your product or service is, or how well the communication has been received.

Feedback is the essential and most important part of Infoping. The whole idea is to help our customers to get good feedback in the communication with their people. Another essential thing is to make it easy to engage and give feedback without technical obstacles or thresholds.

The better and faster feedback our customers can get in their communication with their people, the better and faster decisions they can make.

With the feedback we have received during SLUSH, we are inspired and convinced that we are on the right track with the ongoing development of Infoping. We have tons of ideas and look forward to what tomorrow brings, and how we can help our existing and future customers.

Nicke Holgersson, Co founder